Speakers & schedule

We’re excited to announce the full schedule and speaker list for WP-Brighton 2011! Please see the bottom of the page for a few notes. You can see and/or subscribe to a public Google Calendar for the event here (the ‘Agenda’ view is by far the most useful).

Time Business Strand Digital Strand
13:30 Arrive and find seats
13:40 Plenary: Welcome and Introduction
13:55 Transition
14:00 Clive Andrews (NixonMcInnes) – “The Basics of Blogging” Hazlitt Eastman (Manta9) – “Diving into Custom Post Types”
14:20 Transition
14:25 Jamie O’Connell (The Student Room) – “Advanced Blogging – Lead Generation and Business Systems Integration” Paul Bunkham (Dobit) – “WordPress and e-commerce”
14:45 Transition
14:50 Ellen de Vries (The Copy House) – “Content Strategy – A Kit Bag for WordPress” Michael Bailey (Deliberate Web Development) – “Responsive Web Design & Development with WordPress – How to make kick ass mobile ready websites.”
15:10 Transition
15:15 Refreshments break
15:40 Transition
15:45 Guy Anderson (zero G media) – “The power of email marketing – WordPress & Mailchimp” Dominic Johnson (Miramedia) – “Promoting exhibitions: Our Move to WordPress CMS – Approach, Lessons and Future”
16:05 Transition
16:10 Antony Mayfield (Brilliant Noise) – “We’re all publishers now… Getting a fresh delivery of a WordPress platform is only the beginning” Andy Keetch (iCrossing) – “Effective web project management”
16:30 Transition
16:35 David Lockie (divydovy) – “Planning a successful website” Adam Lee (No Pork Pies) – “Integrated Social Media for a WordPress project”
16:55 Transition
17:00 Plenary: Thanks to speakers, introduction to break-outs
17:10 Transition
17:15 First break-out session
17:30 Second break-out session
17:50 Plenary: Thanks & closing
18:00 Pub! (The Black Lion, 14 Black Lion Street – only about 50m away)


  • Speaker order and talk titles are still subject to change, but we’ll keep this page as up to date as we can.
  • Attendees will be welcome to join whichever strand they are most interested in, and to swap between strands, but please note that the smaller room will only accommodate 50 people comfortably.
  •  The break-out sessions are basically small (4-8 people), facilitated opportunities to discuss the talks and how they might apply to your day-to-day business.
  • There are some WiFi and power facilities at the venue, but we can’t guarantee the WiFi will be continually available to everyone, nor that there are convenient power sockets for your use during talks.
  • If you have any specific disability or access requirements, please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to make sure your attendance is easy and comfortable.