We’re back! The first new physical WordUp since Lockdown in March 2020

You may have seen the event advertised via MeetUp, but if not these are the details:

Brighton WordUp WordPress Pop in Pop out coffee meetup.

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a coffee and chat meetup on Thursday, 21st October from 12:30 to 2 pm at Al Compo Lounge on London Road, Less than a 5 minute walk from Brighton Station.

It is a spacious venu.Feel free to pop in and out without feeling obliged to be there the full time.

It is a time for those interested in WP to reconnect and discuss anything WP.

Venue: Al Campo Lounge – 84-86 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JFDate and time: Thursday 21st October, 12:30 – 2pm.

The MeetUp details are here

June Sunday Workshop – Craig West
Progressive Web Apps

Craig did a talk on Progressive Web Apps back in November 2019. This is a follow on workshop. You can find the full syllabus for the workshop here.

If you’re unfamiliar with Progressive Web Apps (PWA), this library of tools turns your web app into a mobile one.

…and A Beginner’s Guide To Progressive Web Apps

May 2020 – Craig West
What is the WP REST API and how can I use it to make forms and pages that don’t need to do be reloaded?

During this talk, we will look at what the WP REST API is, how to modify existing ‘endpoint’s as well as creating our own custom endpoints.

We will also make a small WP REST API site that carries out GET and POST requests for forms and pages as well as use the WP-Nonce security mechanism.

These references contain the working examples shown in the video:

We are not alone….

In all the nonesense around COVID-19, it is reassuring to know that we a not alone. While Brighton may have been slow to WordUp Online, the rest of the community has been beavering away, as ever. Check out these links if you need a WordUp fix:

We are back in action, so keep watching the WordUp meetup group.

Hello 2020!

Same WordUp, under new management.

This year we say thank you to Tom Ferry and Tom Chute who have been organising the WordUp’s in Brighton since 2018. Welcome to Jon Morgan-Jones, who will coordinating things this year (and anyone else who wants to volunteer…).

It’ll be on the same day each month (Last Monday of the month), same venue and at the same time. We may change the format for some of the events, but we’ll keep you posted and hope that you’ll feed back with what you’d like to see and feedback on what we’re doing.

This is very much an Open Source and community based meetup, so Jon is going to need help with:

  • Organising events
  • Finding speakers for the events
  • Suggestions for events, both in terms of content and format

Follow and contribute on the Slack channel – #meetup-brighton

WP-Brighton’s Slideshare reaches 1,000 views!

Hello. Well, it’s been a while. And, I know, the website needs updating.

No news yet on whether there’ll be a WP-Brighton 2012 – although do drop us a note in the comments if you like.

Just a quick note to say I got an email today to say that the WP-Brighton slideshare channel’s now had 1,000 views!

I know in the grand scheme of things that’s not all that many, but to the WP-Brighton team, it means something. We always wanted the event to reach further than the day itself and this is a nice validation of that.

Thanks for the views everyone 🙂 There’ll be news here about any future events as soon as there’s any news to tell. In the meantime, do head over to WordUp! Brighton and get involved there.