February Brighton WordPress Meetup

I’ve just got back from WordCamp London. It was great to see so many from Brighton up at WCLDN.

Well done to Dave, Tammie and Jenny who were all heavily involved. If there are others sorry I’ve not mentioned you!

It was amazing to see the WordPress community alive and well across the country.

So what about that February talk

Well, it reminded me I hadn’t written up about the WordUp talk I gave in February at the Skiff. So here goes.

I talked about how we build our themes and what tools we use.

The Themes

We use a child theme of WooThemes Canvas. I discussed the importance of child themes and how it can:

  • Keep you organised
  • Let you update your parent theme

We call our child theme Bambino and it works as complimentary structure to Canvas. You can download it free from GitHub.

You can use your own blank child theme. I suggest using the one click child theme plugin if you are going to do that.

Styling with Sass

Bambino is styled with Sass. If you can use CSS you can use Sass. It gives you more flexibility and let’s you have lots of separate files to keep your code organised.

This can them be compiled and minified with a program called CodeKit. The Bambino theme includes the CodeKit config files that make it work.

Separate out functions.php

The same happens with the functions file in Bambino. We split functions.php into separate files such as widgets, hooks and scripts which again help you keep things organised.

Keeping things ninja simple

Those at the talk (or going through the slides) will notice I had a heavy Ninja theme going on! Throughout our processes we tried to keep everything:

  • consistent
  • simple
  • speedy

Just like a Ninja!

It’s one of the reasons I put a lot of stress in keeping organised with your Sass files and functions files. So there is a consistent approach which is simple and fast.

The Tools we use

I also mentioned some of the tools we used. We are on Mac’s so you might need to find alternative tools if you are on PC’s

  • Coda 2 for editing files
  • Tower for managing GIT
  • Desktop Server for the local development environment
  • CodeKit for compiling and minifying JavaScript and Sass Style files

Listen to the talk

I recorded the talk and have put the slides up on our website. Click the link to find out more about building your own custom WooTheme.

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