Today was a good day for WordPress in Brighton and Hove

Today there was a contribution day held in Brighton and Hove. As part of this the community got together and had a meeting about the future of meetups and the community in Brighton and Hove. Awesome things happened and this post is our way of letting everyone know.

Our day was broken up into sections so everyone could get a taster of contributing in a few areas.

  • Theme Review morning session which saw a few new reviewers.
  • Lunchtime talk about the future of the Brighton and Hove WordPress community.
  • Afternoon session lead by Paul Gibbs about how to create patches and what trac is.
  • BuddyPress discussions and talk about tickets.

A big thanks to WP Engine for keeping us fed whilst we contributed.

New meetings and focus

First up, we’re excited to announce a new meeting along with more focus for our old monthly one. We’re going to have 2 meetings a month. One will be focused on talks with a speaker (or two), lightning talks and also networking at the end. Our new second meeting will be discussion focused with networking at the end.

Quarterly contribution days

Yes you read that right! We are planning on holding regular quarterly contribution days like we had today in Brighton and Hove. Thanks to Pragmatic Web we have a venue too!

This site is back as a blog

We aim to get this site to become a good resource for anyone in the Brighton and Hove WordPress community. We are going to be adding BuddyPress so we can really give you a chance to communicate as a community. We’re going to announced all events and meetups here; putting slides and summaries after so you don’t miss the good stuff. Along with this we also plan to regularly post articles from members of the community. If you’ve got something you’d like to add just let us know!

And more….
We have a lot more planned as we all work towards making this a great community! Here’s to the Brighton and Hove WordPress community.

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