WordUp Brighton May

As you might be able to tell we’ve been struggling to find speakers for WordUp which is probably more to do with our time rather than a lack of interesting WordPress people in Brighton. This is something we really want to sort out for future events by harnessing the power of you lot to help suggest speakers and topics. However, this time round we’re going to run a WordUp special.

As previously emailed, David Lockie’s been working on a new WordPress-centric start-up that he wants to share with Brighton’s WordPress community before anyone else. So, for May’s WordUp, we’re going to give him the floor and let you lot give him your thoughts and feedback, and maybe have a bit of a hack about with it. It’s still very early stages and anyone that wants to attend will need to be prepared to sign an NDA in order to participate. We realise that’s a bit irregular  and won’t be for everyone, but it’s a chance to have a look at and get involved with a local, interesting project so we figured it would be better to have something unusual this month rather than nothing at all.

Of course it’s free, just grab a ticket, and we’ll look forward to seeing you there.

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