WP-Brighton – proudly supporting Rockinghorse

WP-Brighton is pleased to announce that 10% of all tickets sales for the event (hopefully about £250) will be donated to local children’s charity Rockinghorse, which works with local children’s hospitals and respite centres.


Why would we do this? WP-Brighton aims to make Brighton & Hove a better place to live by helping local businesses and digital professionals. I feel very privileged to live in Brighton & Hove, and grateful for the huge amount of support we’ve had whilst promoting this event. It feels right to give something back to the city.

Another, equally valid, reason is that we want to reach out to traditional businesses in Brighton and Hove. By supporting Rockinghorse, they’ll tell their network about the event and hopefully we’ll end up with a richer, more diverse mix of attendees than we could otherwise achieve.

So, if you’re thinking about coming along perhaps this will help you to decide to head on over and buy your early bird ticket now.

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