WP-Brighton – a first for the city

For posterity, I’m posting a press release written by Toby Lewis-Hammond and kindly circulated around Brighton.


Bringing together digital and business professionals, WP-Brighton will provide a rare and valuable opportunity for two closely linked communities to come together, share experiences and knowledge.

This inaugural event will show how great web strategy, design and development can meet specific business objectives.

Inspirational speakers from the worlds of digital media and industry will give advice, share tips, tricks and best practice for creating an effective web presence, and explain how to use this to deliver targeted and measurable business benefits.

Businesses will receive a short cut to the most contemporary thinking in business-focused best practice on the web. They will find the answers to a host of questions, such as:

  • How can websites drive offline business without demanding too much effort or cost?
  • What is blogging and why is it important to my company?
  • How can I engage with my online audiences more effectively through web publishing?

Digital professionals will come away with new ideas, inspiration and a better understanding of companies’ perspectives and perceptions of the web. They will understand the answers to questions, such as:

  • What are the practical, day-to-day challenges for a small business owner?
  • What can effective web publishing help them to achieve?

WP… for business

The web is an essential consideration for most businesses, but how can owners, directors and managers use it most productively, on a day-to-day basis, to achieve their business objectives and steer clear of risks and pitfalls?

At WP-Brighton, businesses will learn how they can harness social, online and mobile media channels to engage their customers and achieve their objectives. Brighton’s most talented web designers, developers and copywriters will be on hand to provide advice on how to use WordPress (the world’s most popular web publishing platforms) profitably, as well as presenting the latest innovations and developments.

There will be opportunities for local business to talk about what they need and want from the digital industry, either in group or one-to-one sessions.

WP… for digital professionals

WP-Brighton will help web professionals to improve their business offering to current and prospective clients, both technically and in terms of the pure business side of the web – both clients’ and your own.

Digital professionals will hear from the city’s most successful freelancers and digital agencies about driving non-digital businesses forward using simple but effective WordPress-based tools, techniques and strategies.

They will also have the opportunity to meet business owners and managers, and learn about how they view web publishing, as well as their business needs and objectives.

Where and When?

23 September 2011

1.30 – 6pm

The Friends’ Meeting House, Brighton BN1 1AF

Notes for editors

WP-Brighton is sponsored (so far) by Brandwatch Social Media Monitoring, The Student Room, iCrossing, Lark Media, isd-sign and Latitude Hosting.

WP-Brighton is organised by three local freelance web professionals, Michael Bailey, Paul Bunkham and David Lockie.

Tickets are available via wpbrighton.eventbrite.com

Contact details

David Lockie

[email protected]

+44 7956 961796


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