Word Up

The first Word Up Brighton meeting will take place a week today at the Skiff. You can get your free ticket from EventBrite, so grab one and we’ll look forward to seeing you there.

The meetings are open to all, whether you’re a WordPress user, designer, developer or anyone else, the more the merrier. As this is the first one we’ll spend some time chatting about things like the format and how regularly we should hold them. We’ll also be talking about the upcoming WP-Brighton event, along with some other WordPress related tips and discussions.


2 thoughts on “Word Up”

  1. I assume Matt Mullenweg with be there to thank me for jetpacking all the way there.
    Is there a twitter feed yet?
    Mailing list?
    Sorry to get cart & horse muddled, I’m just so excited 🙂

  2. Glad you’re excited, we are too! Twitter account is @wordupbrighton Not much there yet, but there will be. Other bits and pieces we can chat about on Monday.

    Not sure whether Matt’s heard about Monday yet, but bombarding him with invites until he comes along can’t hurt can it?

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